Activate your upgrade codes and access new super-powers in your unlimited life's potential! 

Hi! I'm your coach!


I have been successfully coaching men, women, couples and groups in mastering and optimizing various aspects of their lives.

I am a professional coach since 2002, helped hundreds of clients in their life mastery journey. I am direct, clear and raw. I go straight to the point and make it real and specific for you. No vague strategies here.

I want to make sure that your life is blasted with fresh energy after you sign up for sessions with me. It takes courage to step into this field and I want to be right here for you, offering you the best you can access. I look forward to be an inspiring force in your life! To you power!

Why Coaching? 

If you are a man

You want solutions to optimize your mind and perform at your best! You feel an untapped potential in your being that you want to access! Simple! Direct! Powerful strategies to help you upgrade your life!

If you are a woman

You want the power to multiply your confidence and presence! Activate your sacred essence and clearly see your destiny line! Life mission, dating or relationship success, personal balance! Let's activate a fresh new flow of inspiration in your life! 

If you are a leader

And want to wake up! This might be the greatest gift my coaching has to offer! AWAKENING! Realizing that you are the conscious designer of your future! LIFE MASTERY is the power to direct your energy and shift your mind at will! It's time to rise! 

If you are a couple

Imagine being able to skillfully activate new levels of connection with your partner, discovering the keys to effective communication. Imagine being able to clear the shadows or insecurities and manifest these solid pillars of truth, magic, beauty, love or passion in the core of your relationship!

Success Stories from humans like you

To respect privacy, I won't mention names

"Some of the biggest transformations I’ve experienced came from working with Shiva. Breaking down barriers, expanding my edge, learning to lean into surrender, and rise into my power. Shiva awakened a fire inside me. A wildness I had only dreamed of touching. He activated and held space for my inner Goddess, Priestess, Queen, Tantrika.

I left our training feeling more power, confidence, trust, and most importantly immense amounts of love. It is impossible to not feel activated while in Shiva’s energetic field. He is a gift to this world."

More testimonials 


“Thank you so much for sharing this Shiva Rajaya, for sharing you, your love, your ENERGY… Your passion connects me with my own and helps to unlock MY energy. Your inspiration is enlivening, rejuvenating and so so good! Thank you brother!!!”


"Love my brother Shiva Rajaya and all you are doing to raise consciousness for fellow brothers and men everywher! Also for raising women up so to shine their full light and wild authenticity." 


"The point of my story is that I had a blind spot that I was clueless about. This guy helped me and I am forever grateful to him for this. This is the power of having a coach… They help get you present to the blind spots that you have so that you can create a new outcome. One that you love and crave deep inside but just don’t have access to. A skilled mentor or coach helps you unlock the doors/walls that you feel limited by."

These new super powers could be yours!

Sessions are always VERY SPECIFICALLY focused on YOUR TARGETS and UNIQUE NEEDS. 

It's YOUR AGENDA! Not mine!

More TARGET EXAMPLES for your sessions

New powers you will access in these sessions

Of course, each situation is different! Here are examples of potential results.

  1. 1
    Clearly seeing your action path and exact steps you need to take in your life mission or business
  2. 2
    Discover new ways of creating exciting romantic chemistry with someone you are attracted to
  3. 3
    New communication tactics to de-escalate ongoing tensions with your romantic partner
  4. 4
    Motivation to take action and get back in shape
  5. 5
    Safe space to share your frustration and release trapped emotions
  6. 6
    Fresh perspectives to look at a specific challenge differently
  7. 7
    Opportunity to reflect, process or analyze your present situation 
  8. 8
    Feeling your core, a new power source in you that makes you feel unstoppable 
  9. 9
    Energy techniques that help you multiply your level of power
  10. 10
    Deep understanding of the energy dynamics that are directing an aspect of your life
  11. 11
    Renewed ability to show up with presence and confidence in social situations
  12. 12
    Multiplied power to access and stand in your truth
  13. 13
    And so much more! 

You get the picture, right? Of course what you get from a power kick session is connected with the targets you select and we focus on

However, the constant benefit is always clarity, energy, motivation, power, impact

You feel higher after a session than you felt before

Get ready to activate your unlimited potential

Sign up for a session in 5 min

Designed to make it fast and easy for you

Step 1 - Buy your package

1, 4 or 12 sessions depending on your needs

Step 2 - Get in touch to set up a time and select your targets

We set up a time + You send me 3 to 5 targets for the session

Step 3 - Coaching session

In person, video chat or voice chat - Remote sessions via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom or Skype - Voice only without video possible too - In person sessions usually at my place

Next step? Choose a plan

How many sessions would you like?




  • Sessions by video, voice chat or in person
  • For targeted help on a specific topic 
  • 60 minute sessions




  • Sessions by video, voice chat or in person
  • 60 minute sessions
  • For in depth strategies and follow up
  • Weekly sessions for 12 weeks when possible
  • Sessions stay valid for 1 year

Any questions?

Last minute sessions?

Yes that's possible. Simply contact me. We can usually schedule a session within 24 to 48 hours. 

Weekly sessions?

That's usually the best rhythm when we start. Ultimately you decide. 

Daily sessions?

Yes that's possible too if you require daily support or follow up. 

Money back guarantee?

Yes! If AFTER OUR FIRST SESSION, you realize that my coaching is not for you, I'm happy to offer you a refund. 

Can we connect first?

Yes! Send me a message on my contact page on

Is coaching safe?

Yes of course! Creating a solid safe container in my coaching sessions is one of the central points in my code of ethics. 

Where am I?

I am in Bali right now.

If you are in America best times for sessions is usually your evenings 6-10 PM. 

If you are in Europe best times for sessions is usually your mornings 6-10 AM. 

If you are in Asia, Eurasia any time daytime is usually ok for sessions. 


I tend to take a break in the weekends but make exceptions if that's our only option. 

After you buy your package?

You are taken to my contact page to send me your goals + possible times for your session

Can you just get 1 session?

Yes of course! 

How many sessions?

If you are not sure, start with 1 session or connect with me first. 

Are you a couple?

If you get 4 sessions, we usually do 1 session individually with each of you and then 2 partnered sessions. 

If you prefer to be together on all sessions, or just for a one time session that's possible too. 

Sessions in person?

Of course if you are in Bali/Ubud or want to travel this way we can meet for sessions. 

They happen usually at my place or a refreshing private secluded spot in the jungle by beautiful waterfalls nearby. 

About my coaching?

What happens in a session?

Welcome and intro. You get space to share your situation and your targets for the session. Core of the session activating solutions, strategies, fresh perspectives, reframe, clearing and more. Sometimes we will use targeted energy techniques like dynamic breathing or simple focus techniques to release trapped emotions and gain clarity. 

Who is Shiva Rajaya?

I specialize in life mastery for men, women, couples and groups. I use a variety of approaches from personal development, mind mastery techniques to spiritual training approaches, targeted energy techniques, mantras, tantric activations and much more.

I have been successfully teaching in the spiritual and personal development field for 30 years, developing online programs, video and audio series, dozens of books and articles, high energy live events and power kick one on one sessions. 

My favorite expert topics are coupling mastery, male awakening, shakti activation, spiriual power, designing new evolutionary codes for humankind, vital force techniques, tantric sex codes, and much more.

My teachings are organized in the VITAL TANTRA and VITAL COACHING systems, coherent awakening pathways to lead you to optimize and master every aspect of your life. 

My core mission is to activate truth and awakening for the planet and humankind.

What do you get from a session?

  • Targeted help
  • Safe space to share
  • Energy + Motivation
  • Emotional freedom + Release
  • More power
  • Direct answers
  • Clarity
  • Fresh perspectives
  • Feedback
  • Direction
  • Strategies + Tactics
  • Power to take action
  • Focus 
  • Results
  • Energetic and emotional support
  • Awakening 
  • Support
  • And more... 

What results can you expect?

  • Much more power and energy to take action
  • Renewed ability to manifest what you want
  • New openings in your life
  • Refreshing shifts in your perspectives
  • A much stronger connection with what you want
  • New boundaries and positive connections with others
  • A clear vision of your destiny line
  • More freedom
  • And much more

Why coaching works

  • It shifts your doubts or limiting beliefs!
  • It focuses on action!
  • It offers you support!
  • It empowers you!
  • It focuses on your needs!
  • It focuses on your strengths!
  • It is targeted to your situation!
  • It is safe and ethical!
  • It is fun, exciting and powerful!

Get the best of your coaching

  • Refresh 
  • Write it down
  • Targets for your session
  • Focus 
  • Relax
  • Be direct
  • Trust me
  • Give me feedback
  • Take action
  • Make coaching a priority
  • Don’t cancel or reschedule sessions

What topics can we cover?

  • Break up and divorce recovery
  • How to master your jealousy
  • Dating and sex skills
  • Couple skills
  • Communication skills
  • Fitness and nutrition
  • Energy building techniques
  • Personal power and confidence
  • Emotional balance
  • Business success
  • Career choices
  • Financial freedom building
  • Spiritual targets
  • Meditation techniques
  • And so much more!
What’s off topic? 
  • Serious health issues
  • Financial advice
  • Legal advice

My code of ethics?

  • Confidentiality – Everything you tell me stays between us.
  • Safe space – Coaching is a safe space. I respect you. You can openly share with me. I am not here to judge you.
  • Focus – When we are in a session, I give you my full undivided attention.
  • Your agenda – What happens in a session is your agenda, your needs, your plan, your vision. You tell me where you want to go. I help you get there.
  • Clarity – My communication style is easy and direct.
  • Sympathy – I coach because I care. I invest myself in getting you where you want to be.
  • Energy – I bring energy, lightness and fun to our sessions. We open a refreshing space together.
  • Expertise – I make sure that my skills and expertise stay up to date.
  • Feedback – I welcome your feedback and if needed am happy to make changes to any aspect of my coaching.
  • Flexibility – I listen to your unique needs and orient my coaching accordingly.